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Woman Dies After Undergoing Botched Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Posted by A. Lou Benassi | Jul 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

Medical malpractice rears its ugly head in a variety of forms. One common type of medical malpractice is that of a botched surgery. In this day and age, it seems as though a massive abundance of women are seeking out plastic surgeons to enhance, lift and shape parts of their body in order to live up to a current beauty standard. And with these large number of women comes with an even larger number of botched surgeries that substantially injure or kill patients in comparison to prior years. Unfortunately, bodily cosmetic operations that require individuals to go under the knife now warrants a second thought about the risks and complications involved, as well as the choosing of an experienced and competent surgeon who has a good record of not committing malpractices. However, obtaining information regarding a surgeon's prior blunders may not always be easy.

Illinois native, Lattia Baumeister, had apparently been oblivious to the fact that her Floridan cosmetic surgeon had been named as a defendant in numerous medical malpractice lawsuits for botched surgeons. Thirty-year-old Baumeister had traveled all the way to Florida to undergo a Brazilian buttock lift - liposuction to harvest fat from other parts of the body into the buttocks. The procedure, which would be performed by Dr. Osakatukei, would ensue during a time when his license had been revoked by the Florida Department of Health. The clinic he practiced at, called Seduction by Jardon's Medical Center, advertised low-cost procedures and offers of financial plans.

According to Florida authorities, doctor Osakatukei was performing the surgery when Baumeister suddenly went into cardiac arrest. The woman was rushed to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Doctors determined that the cause of death was due to a fat embolism - when fat tissue passes in the bloodstream and becomes lodged in a blood vessel. Baumeister's death occurred on the same day that the appellate court rejected the state's request to stop the doctor from performing liposuction surgery. Dr. Osakatukei was in the midst of an appeal to get his medical license back when he decided to perform the procedure on the married, mother of six.

The Board of Medicine allows doctors to continue to practice while involved in an ongoing appeals process. According to Steven Rosenberg, a member of the board, they had been investigating Osakatukei for more than a year before making the decision to revoke his license. Two complaints from past patients of the doctors were reported to the board in January of this year. Both women claim that they had experienced extensive scarring and a number of complications after their procedures. Another complaint came shortly after, in which a woman claims that the doctor performed a tummy tuck operation rather than a butt lift without her permission while she was unconscious.

As of now, investigators are investigating Baumeister's death. No details have yet been released regarding potential criminal charges.

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