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Who do I Sue? Recovering Compensation from a Hit-and-Run Accident

Posted by A. Lou Benassi | Jan 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

No matter how severe, injuries from a car accident can cause a serious financial toll. Medical bills can pile up, work may be missed, and cars may be damaged or even need to be replaced. Normally, an at-fault driver's insurance company would compensate you for the expenses incurred in an accident. What happens, though, when the person who caused your accident flees the scene? There may still be hope, and the attorneys at Benassi and Benassi in Illinois are here to help.

Who Will Pay for My Injuries?

Whereas an at-fault driver's insurance company normally covers injuries caused to you in an accident, there is no identifiable person to look to for compensation when you are hit by a driver who leaves the scene. In this case, your own insurance company will bear the responsibility of covering the costs of your injuries and damage to your vehicle.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage--an Overview

Uninsured motorist coverage is a portion of your insurance policy which comes into play if you have been hit by someone who does not have car insurance. If a hit-and-run driver cannot be identified, such drivers are treated as if they are uninsured. Under these circumstances, uninsured motorist coverage steps up to the plate to compensate you for injuries to yourself or damage to your vehicle.

You don't have to worry about whether you have uninsured motorist coverage--this coverage is mandatory in Illinois, and is present in every car insurance policy.

Why do I Need an Attorney?

If you have been injured by a hit-and-run driver, then you'll have to look to your own insurance company to receive compensation. Don't be fooled into thinking that your insurance company is looking out for your best interests, however--in the end, the job of the insurance company is to look after their own bottom line and cut costs as much as possible, which can sometimes be at the expense of their own client. This can make dealing with your insurance company a nightmare, even if you were not at fault in your accident. Drivers who have been involved in a hit-and-run accident often receive the runaround from insurance companies and can be offered low settlement amounts that don't come close to covering the costs of injuries and damages. An experienced personal injury attorney can fight for you to receive the compensation you deserve from your insurance company by gathering evidence to prove that you were not at fault and negotiating with the company so that you don't have to.

Injured by a Hit-and-Run Driver? We Can Help.

If you are the victim of an accident in Illinois involving a hit-and-run driver, the attorneys at Benassi & Benassi can help. We are dedicated to fighting on your behalf to earn you the compensation you deserve. Insurance companies can be a complicated beast, but you don't have to fight them alone. To take the first step toward compensation, fill out an online consultation form or call us at (309) 276-0601 today.

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