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What Financial Damages Can I Recover from an Employment Discrimination Lawsuit?

Posted by Athena M. Herman | Feb 26, 2018 | 0 Comments

Losing a job can be devastating, regardless of the surrounding circumstances. If you believe that you have been let go from your job due to illegal discrimination, then you may be feeling especially betrayed by your employer. There is hope, however--the employment discrimination attorneys at Benassi & Benassi, P.C.'s Peoria, Illinois office can help you recover compensation.

Recoverable Damages in an Employment Discrimination Lawsuit

If you can prove that your employer fired you for an unlawfully discriminatory purpose, such as your age, gender, or race, then you may have a claim against the company for employment discrimination. A successful discrimination lawsuit can provide financial compensation. Examples of compensation include:

  • Back pay: if it is proven that your termination was the result of unlawful discrimination, then you may be compensated for the salary that you were deprived of as a result of your termination. This salary can include overtime pay, tips, and other benefits of your employment, such as retirement benefits and bonus pay.
  • Future lost earnings: future lost earnings may be awarded if you are unable to resume working with your employer, whether due to a lack of job openings or a hostile relationship with your former employer.
  • Compensatory damages: if your employer engaged in discriminatory actions when terminating your employment, then you may become depressed or anxious about the loss of your career. If you are suffering to the point that you seek medical help for treatment, such as therapy or antidepressants, you may be entitled to compensation for injuries that can't easily be quantified into a dollar amount. These damages, which are called "compensatory damages," are meant to compensate you for things like emotional suffering or harm to your career and/or reputation.
  • Punitive damages: in some instances, an employer's discrimination against an employee is so blatant or persistent that it is reprehensible. In cases such as these, you may be entitled to punitive damages against your employer, which are meant to punish your employer for his or her clearly discriminatory actions and prevent such conduct from happening in the future.

If you believe that you are entitled to any of the above damages, it is important to contact an experienced employment attorney who is familiar with the components of a successful employment discrimination case. Your attorney can sort through the specifics of your discriminatory experience and determine whether you have a solid case on which to build a successful discrimination lawsuit.

Do You Need Help? Contact Us Today

If you believe that you have been wrongfully terminated from your job due to illegal discrimination by your employer, then you deserve justice for the treatment you have endured. The attorneys at Benassi & Benassi, P.C.'s office in Peoria, Illinois, are here to help you receive just that.

Don't try to fight an employment discrimination lawsuit by yourself--put your case into the hands of someone who has years of experience fighting on behalf of employees who have been wronged. To schedule a consultation to speak with an employment law attorney, fill out an online case evaluation form or call (309) 674-3556 today.

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