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Schaumburg Man Blinded by Foul Ball at Baseball Game Sues Chicago Cubs

Posted by A. Lou Benassi | Oct 31, 2017 | 0 Comments

A Schaumburg man who attended a Chicago Cubs game at Wrigley Field was struck by a foul ball that left him blind in one eye in August. He has recently decided to file a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court, listing both the Cubs and Major League Baseball as defendants.

After being smacked in the face with the baseball, John Loos was rushed to the hospital. Doctors declared that he had suffered a broken nose and six broken bones around his left eye. Upon a thorough examination, they concluded that the damage inflicted to his eye was irreversible and that he would not regain his eyesight.

His son, Adam Loos, who was sitting alongside his father at the game, recounted the moment that changed his father's life in a recent article, claiming that he had raised his hand to attempt to stop the foul ball from striking his father. However, his reflexes could not beat the foul ball that was estimated to be traveling at approximately 100 miles per hour. He, along with his other brother who was in attendance at the game, support their father's decision to sue the professional baseball team and the league.

According to Loos' lawsuit, the Cubs organization was negligent due to the absence of spectator netting in Wrigley Field. He claims that this lack of concern for the well-being of fans is what led to his debilitating injury. The allegations come at an interesting time, as the MLB has openly tussled with the issue of how to ensure the safety of baseball fans, while simultaneously giving them the best view possible of the games. The solution was to implement protective netting between the dugouts for field-level seats within 70 feet of home plate. The Cubs organization extended its netting in Wrigley Field in compliance with these new regulations.

But Loos is saying that those efforts were not enough. He expressed in the lawsuit that netting should be extended along the first and third baselines for optimal protection. Loos was sitting in section 135 by the first baseline when he was struck. He also emphasized that other sports leagues like National Hockey League have worked hard to decrease fan injuries and that MLB should follow suit.

“My life and the lives of many fans have been changed forever by Major League Baseball's failure to protect its fans,” Loos said. “It's too late for me, but Major League Baseball must fix this, not after the playoffs, not next year, but now.”

Although Loos is a diehard Cubs fan, he claims he will never sit in baseline seats again. He says that from now on, he will be watching from home or a bar.

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