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Case Results

Representative Types of Cases for Lou Benassi

Personal Injury Malpractice

  1. Represented a minor who was a passenger in an automobile being driven by her mother that was struck head on by a construction delivery vehicle. The mother died at the scene and the minor sustained serious physical and emotional injuries. Suit was filed against the driver and the construction company. The case settled, utilizing a structured settlement that paid $625,000 immediately and an estimated $3,648,654 over time on a life expectancy of 72.
  2. Represented the wife and daughter of a man who was injured and ultimately died as a result of an automobile accident involving a cement truck. Suit was filed against the company who owned the cement truck and the case was settled for $2,000,000 paid at the time of settlement and $1,404,307 paid out in a structured settlement.
  3. Grossweiler v. Brinkman, 301 Ill.App.3d 1104 (3rd Dist.) (1998) (Decision not published). Represented the Plaintiffs. Plaintiffs/Appellees were awarded $719,000 in damages on their wrongful birth claim from Defendant/Appellant after jury trial. Defendants appealed and appellate court affirmed the judgment.
  4. Represented a gentleman who was an over-the-road truck driver injured while making a delivery. The client was impaled on a rusty hook negligently placed in the loading dock. A worker's compensation claim was filed against the employer and suit was filed against the owner of the facility. The worker's compensation case settled for $125,000 and the personal injury case was settled during the jury trial but prior to verdict for an additional $75,000.

Marital Cases

  1. Marriage of Sutton, 136 Ill.2d 441 (1990). Represented wife who sought increase in maintenance. Trial court denied saying separation agreement included language saying could not be modified. Supreme Court found that the statute which permitted such preclusion did not apply because no dissolution of marriage.
  2. Clark v. Clark , 237 Ill.App.3d 492 (3rd Dist.) (1992). Represented the husband. The parties entered into a marital settlement agreement that provided $1,100 per month maintenance for ex-wife for 36 months. After 36-month period, ex-wife petitioned Court to award permanent maintenance and to increase the monthly amount of maintenance. Trial Court awarded maintenance of $750 per month for 12 months and then maintenance was to terminate. Appellate court affirmed the trial court.

Injunctive Case Involving Union Picketing

  1. Binder Plumbing & Heating v. Plumbers and Pipefitters Local Union No. 99, 253 Ill.App.3d 972 (4th Dist) (1993). Represented the union. Trial court granted extensive injunction against union. The union appealed and the appellate court reduced injunction restrictions to level union had agreed to at the trial court level and then affirmed.

Multi-Employer Pension and Health and Welfare Funds

  1. Central States Southeast and Southwest Areas Health and Welfare and Pension Fund ( Chicago )
  2. Central Pension Fund of the International Union of Operating Engineers and Participating Employers ( Washington, D.C. )
  3. Illinois Conference of Teamsters and Employers Welfare Fund
  4. Operating Plasterers and Cement Masons International Association, Local No. 12 Pension and Welfare Plans
  5. International Brotherhood of Painters and Allied Trades Union and Industry Pension Fund
  6. National Roofing Industry Pension Plan
  7. Steamfitters Pension Fund
  8. U.A. Locals 63 & 353 Pension, Welfare and Education Trust Funds

Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation
Motor Vehicle Accident
Family Law/Dissolution
Personal Injury/Nursing Home Negligence/Medical Malpractice
Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Practice Areas

Employment Discrimination
Retaliation claims and Whistleblower in the Workplace
Class Action Lawsuit and Multi-Plaintiff Cases
Civil Rights Litigation
Employment Law