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Peoria Illinois Sexual Harassment Attorneys

Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Sexual harassment and hostile work environment cases are always emotional. People invest a lot of themselves into their jobs. For many people their employment is a significant part of their identity. At Benassi & Benassi, our Peoria, Illinois attorneys help people who have been injured financially and emotionally as a result of sexual harassment or hostile work environments.

Experienced Sexual Harassment Attorneys

When dealing with sexual harassment it is important to understand that not all undesirable behavior constitutes unlawful harassment. Generally, sexual harassment creates a hostile work environment and includes behavior such as:

  • Physical Contact
  • Inappropriate Touching
  • Obscene or Disturbing Gestures
  • Displaying Sexually Suggestive Objects
  • Sexually Degrading Words
  • Sexual Propositions

We have also handled cases related to “quid pro quo” sexual harassment, where a superior offers a job, promotion, or raise based on the granting of sexual favors.  While sexual harassment is the most common form of workplace harassment, our attorneys have also handled harassment cases related to age, race, and disability.

Our lawyers have handled some of the largest sexual harassment cases in the state of Illinois and in the nation, including cases against major corporations, such as Mitsubishi Motor Manufacturing and Combined Insurance Co. as well as against governmental entities such as the City of Peoria.

We are undaunted by the challenge of pursuing sexual harassment cases against large companies. Our firm has successfully resolved many individual cases as well as class action and multi-plaintiff cases.

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Our attorneys handle cases for clients throughout the state of Illinois; however our practice is based primarily in central Illinois including the cities of Peoria, Eureka, Champaign, Bloomington-Normal, Pekin, Springfield, Rock Island, and surrounding areas. Please contact Benassi & Benassi. We are committed to providing positive resolutions to our clients' legal disputes so they can move on with their lives.

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