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An Illinois Class Action Lawsuit and Multi-Plaintiff Law Firm

Class Action Lawsuit and Multi-Plaintiff Cases

Class action and multi-plaintiff cases tend to be complex, time consuming, and difficult to prove. At Benassi & Benassi, our Peoria, Illinois attorneys have extensive experience handling class action and multi-plaintiff cases.

Experienced Class Action and Multi-Plaintiff Attorneys

Our attorneys have the skill and experience required to handle the complexities of class action and multi-plaintiff cases. We understand that often, in cases where an employer has allowed harassment and discrimination to continue for an extended period of time, there are multiple individuals who have been affected. Our attorneys have handled class action and multi-plaintiff cases against some of the largest employers in Illinois.

Determining whether it is best to handle a case as a class action or as a multi-plaintiff case is often determined by the number of people affected by the illegal action. Class action cases are brought on behalf of all victims that fall within a defined group and require that certain criteria are met before a judge will certify a class. Multi-plaintiff cases are brought only on behalf of the individuals named in the suit.

We have successfully handled numerous class action and multi-plaintiff cases. In either instance, we understand that while the case is being brought on behalf of a group, the people within the group are individuals seeking justice for a wrong.

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Our attorneys handle cases for clients throughout the state of Illinois; however our practice is based primarily in central Illinois including the cities of Peoria, Eureka, Champaign, Bloomington-Normal, Pekin, Springfield, Rock Island, and surrounding areas. Please contact Benassi & Benassi. We are committed to providing positive resolutions to our clients' legal disputes so they can move on with their lives.

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