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Peoria, Illinois Civil Rights Lawyer (Constitutional Law) Attorneys

Civil Rights Lawyer (Constitutional Claims)

Employees of federal, state, county, municipal and other governmental organizations as well as employees of school districts often have more legal rights than employees of private employers. The United States and Illinois Constitutions (as well as other state Constitutions) provide protections to governmental employees who speak out on matters of public concern, and/or otherwise engage in other conduct such as picketing, demonstrations, etc. Governmental employees also have the right to due process and equal protection in connection with their employment. These rights are not generally available to private sector employees.

Most forms of discrimination are prohibited by the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and offer an additional avenue of protection for governmental employees that is not available to private sector employees.

In addition to constitutional protections, governmental employees are also entitled to the same legal rights available to employees of private employers.

Constitutional law claims require a thorough knowledge of the law, which is complex and constantly changing.

Examples of constitutional violations include:

  • Discharging, disciplining or transferring employees because of their speech about matters of public concern and/or political activities.
  • Failure to follow due process by not giving an employee a fair hearing prior to termination or other discipline.
  • Discriminating against an employee by discharging, disciplining or taking other adverse action not taken against similarly situated co-workers for malicious reasons.
  • Discriminating against an employee by discharging, disciplining or taking other adverse action based on race, sex, religion, or national origin.
  • Retaliation because of complaints about illegal governmental conduct or giving testimony.

Our lawyers have successfully handled numerous constitutional law claims against governmental entities including retaliation claims for political activities, free speech claims, equal protection and due process claims.

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