A. Lou Benassi

A. Lou Benassi



Mr. Benassi represents individuals in family law, personal injury, worker’s compensation and pension issues.  He has practiced law in Peoria for 40 years.  Mr. Benassi is a trial lawyer whose experience in the courtroom and settlement negotiations dates back to 1968 when he started in private practice.  In 1970, he became an assistant public defender for Peoria County, handling cases in the juvenile and adult courts.  His extensive trial experience makes him uniquely qualified to represent clients in a wide array of matters.

Personal Injury

Mr. Benassi has obtained large settlements and verdicts for individuals injured in accidents and for the survivors of individuals killed due to the negligence of others. For example, he and another lawyer obtained a $4.2 million settlement for the daughter in a case in which the mother was killed and the daughter was seriously injured in a head-on collision with a truck, whose driver was not complying with company safety rules. He and another lawyer also obtained a $3.4 million settlement for a Peoria man’s family when the man was badly burned and later died after his car was struck by a cement truck that ran a red light.

Family Law

Representing both plaintiffs and defendants, Mr. Benassi has handled cases involving family matters of all types. For example, he represented a woman who needed an increase in spousal support. She had previously signed an agreement that had been approved by the trial court setting forth that she would not seek an increase in spousal support after the date of the agreement. The trial court denied the request for an increase. The appellant court reversed the trial court and the Illinois Supreme Court confirmed the reversal but on different grounds than the appellant court had used. The woman then received an increase in her spousal support. In another case he represented a man whose ex-wife was demanding permanent payments of more than $1,100 per month. Mr. Benassi persuaded the court to reduce the payments to $750 per month and to limit them to 12 months. The wife appealed but Mr. Benassi preserved the ruling on appeal.


Lou was recognized as a Distinguished Counselor from the
Class of 1968 by the Illinois State Bar Association