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Landlord Liability in Apartment Accidents

Posted by A. Lou Benassi | May 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

If you have been injured in a slip-and-fall accident in your rental apartment, you may be facing severe physical pain along with financial hardship. Luckily, there is hope--you may be eligible to receive compensation from your landlord or his or her insurer to help pay your medical bills and compensate you for the pain you experienced. If you have been injured in Illinois, the team of personal injury attorneys at Benassi & Benassi, P.C. is here to help.

Is the Property Owner Liable for My Injuries?

Whether a property owner is liable for injuries which you suffered due to a slip-and-fall accident at your apartment complex depends on several factors, including the following.

Where the Accident Occurred

When it comes to premises liability in a slip-and-fall accident, location matters. A landlord has a duty to maintain common areas. Thus, if you were injured on a cracked sidewalk or fell down a flight of stairs that was not properly maintained, you may have a viable negligence claim against the landlord of the apartment in negligence.

Whether the Landlord had Notice of the Dangerous Condition

Recovering damages from an injury which occurred inside your apartment unit can be difficult. Generally, liability for injuries sustained inside an apartment unit may depend on whether the landlord knew of a dangerous condition and did not take steps to correct it. If you did not tell your landlord of a dangerous condition inside your apartment, your landlord generally may not be liable for injuries stemming from that condition.

However, a landlord cannot avoid responsibility just because they claim they did not know about a dangerous condition. If the landlord should have known about hazards on the property, they may still be liable. For example, if a landlord never went down to the common basement where the laundry machines are and there was a broken stair for months, the landlord possibly should have known about the dangerous condition, because it is reasonable that a landlord would occasionally inspect the property. A landlord cannot necessarily simply claim ignorance for something they should be responsible for.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

Personal injury claims in Illinois depend on the statute of limitations. This is the time limit an injury victim has to file a claim. In Illinois cases, an injured person generally has two years from the date of the accident to properly file and serve a personal injury claim. However, this time limit could be shorter or longer, depending on the situation. There may also be time limitations requiring that notice be provided to potentially at-fault person(s) or entity(ies). Talk to a lawyer as soon as possible after an accident to make sure you don't lose your chance to be appropriately compensated.

Injured at Your Apartment Complex? We Can Help

If you were injured in a slip-and-fall accident at an apartment complex in Illinois, the attorneys at Benassi & Benassi, P.C. are standing by to help you recover the compensation you deserve. Don't try to fight a personal injury case alone, especially if your case involves a rental property. Many factors come into play when determining whether a landlord could be held liable for your injuries, and overlooking even one detail could jeopardize your case.

Benassi & Benassi, P.C. has built a reputation around competently representing clients and helping them achieve successful outcomes. To speak with an attorney about your case, fill out an online case evaluation form or contact us at 309-674-3556 today.

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