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Illinois Family Awarded Approximately $23 Million for Girl who Suffered Brain Damage During Birth

Posted by A. Lou Benassi | Sep 20, 2017 | 0 Comments

The “bond of trust” that exists between a patient and a doctor is crucial to the restorative and diagnostic process. The establishment and practice of trust exhibited by a patient lead to open communication about important information regarding their condition. In return, this openness leads to a more effective and adequate medical service. In the absence of a bond of trust comes a stifling environment that inhibits both a medical professional's capability of performing satisfactorily as well as a patient's likelihood of receiving the proper care and treatment. As a result, both parties suffer. In recent years, this trust - that must be unending for a healthy doctor-patient relationship - is oftentimes broken and unsalvageable before a patient even enters a medical facility.

The uptick of medical malpractice horror stories that are plastered all over news outlets and other multimedia sources has largely severed the relationships between professionals and patients. Coverage of an abundance of debilitating injuries caused by the seemingly minuscule mistake of a doctor is imprinted into the back of the brains of new patients, silently hoping that their fate is not similar to those who fell victim to malpractice in the past.

Unfortunately, these tragic incidents occur far more often than they should, and one would be surprised how close to home they transpire. A five-year-old girl in Tinley Park, Illinois was one of the latest victims to become debilitating, causing her family to pursue legal recourse for the actions of a medical professional and the hospital she was born in. According to the lawsuit filed by her parents, Drew Kerrin's mother, Becky was assigned a neonatologist due to being considered a high-risk pregnancy in 2012. During Becky's delivery, a series of events occurred that led to numerous health issues that plague her daughter today.

The lawsuit details that in the midst of Becky's attempt at a vaginal delivery, a large pool of blood was on the delivery table and that the attending nurse could not detect baby Drew's heart rate. Shortly after, the nurse and a few other staff members made the call to perform a cesarean section. According to the attending medical staff, they attempted to contact the neonatologist, Dr. Thomas Myers, numerous times because his expertise would have proved to be useful. He was finally reached at home and arrived at the hospital 20 minutes later. An associate of Myers ordered that blood tests be ordered, however, there was a delay in its arrival. Drew was transferred to a neonatal intensive care unit in a children's hospital in “guarded” condition. Doctors claimed that she had lost about 60% of her blood supply and that she was lucky to be alive.

Five years later, Drew is living with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She sustained traumatic brain damage as a result of the events that occurred during her delivery. She is required to attend occupational, physical and speech therapy, and is “reliant on someone for every single bodily function in her daily life,” the family's attorney said.

A Cook County Circuit judge awarded the family $23.1 million for Drew's injuries.

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