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Firm Overview

A Peoria Illinois Law Firm

Benassi & Benassi was founded in 1980 by A. Lou Benassi and Patricia C. Benassi.  Lou continues to head the firm, focusing on personal injury and family law.  For over 47 years Patricia boldly and successfully championed civil rights and the rights of employees, particularly women, older employees, and minorities.  She retired in 2016, but continues to inspire.

Fortunately, as a member of Benassi & Benassi since 1997, Athena M. Herman practiced closely with Patricia for nearly 20 years, and has taken up where she left off.  Recognized as a top attorney in Illinois and a premier employment law litigator, Athena continues to passionately represent employees.

Benassi & Benassi has been handling personal injury, dissolution of marriageemployment/labor law, and civil rights law cases for clients throughout Illinois for more than 35 years. We are committed to providing people an opportunity to openly discuss their cases in a supportive and respectful environment. We understand that most of our clients turn to us after suffering a physical, financial, or emotional injury. Whether that injury was caused by an automobile accident or work-related sexual harassment or discrimination, our attorneys have the experience, compassion, and resources to help you recover compensation for your injuries.

We all make a major investment in our careers. When those careers are threatened by sexual harassmentdiscrimination, or illegal termination related to retaliation or whistleblower issues, our entire lives can be affected.

Our firm has successfully resolved a wide range of work-related injury claims including workers' compensationsexual harassment, discrimination, civil rights, retaliation, and whistleblower cases, including class action and multi-plaintiff cases. We have successfully negotiated settlements and litigated cases against some of the largest employers in Central Illinois.

Hiring an attorney is a personal as well as a business decision. We understand that the foundation of any attorney-client relationship is trust. Therefore, our attorneys are committed to providing honest and trustworthy information regarding the prospects for any case.

Due to our commitment to provide exceptional legal representation, we are selective in the number of cases we accept. Before accepting any case, we do our best to ensure that a case has merit.

Compassionate and Experienced Legal Representation

Compassion has always been a hallmark of Benassi & Benassi. We provide you with a non-intimidating environment that allows for open and thorough communication. We keep you involved with and informed about your case. We understand that the better informed you are on the laws and the status of your case, the less stress negotiation and litigation produce.

We believe that each of our clients deserves the best legal representation we can provide. Therefore, we are selective about the cases we accept. We have built our reputation not by quickly settling thousands of cases each year, but by providing exceptional results for the cases we do handle. Our representative cases and representative results speak volumes about the quality service we provide our clients. We strive to earn our reputation with each client we serve.

Contact our Peoria, Illinois Lawyers

Our attorneys handle cases for clients throughout the state of Illinois. However our practice is based primarily in Central Illinois including the cities of Peoria, Eureka, Champaign, Bloomington-Normal, Pekin, Springfield, Rock Island, and surrounding areas.

If you have suffered a physical, financial, or emotional injury and need an experienced Peoria, Illinois attorney, please contact Benassi & Benassi. We are committed to providing positive resolutions to our clients' legal disputes so you can move on with your life.

Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation
Motor Vehicle Accident
Family Law/Dissolution
Personal Injury/Nursing Home Negligence/Medical Malpractice
Sexual Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Practice Areas

Employment Discrimination
Retaliation claims and Whistleblower in the Workplace
Class Action Lawsuit and Multi-Plaintiff Cases
Civil Rights Litigation
Employment Law