Family VS Cement Truck Company

Family Receives $3.4 Million after Cement Truck Kills Husband/Father

Lou Benassi and co-counsel represented the wife and daughter of a man who was killed when the automobile he was driving was struck by a cement truck. The family filed a personal injury/wrongful death suit agains... Read More

Over the Road Truck Driver VS Employer

Delivery Driver Receives $200,000 for Impalement Injury Caused by Employer's Negligent Placement of Rusty Hook

Lou Benassi and co-counsel represented an over-the-road truck driver who was injured while making a delivery. The driver was impaled on a rusty hook negligently placed i... Read More

Grossweiler VS Brinkman

Parents Awarded $719,000 for Wrongful Birth

Grossweiler v. Brinkman et al., 301 Ill-App-3d 1104 (3rd Dist.) (1998) (Decision not published). Lou Benassi and co-counsel represented parents that were awarded $719,000 in damages on their wrongful birth claim from Defendant/Appellant... Read More

Minor VS Delivery driver and Construction Company

Minor Receives $4.2 Million for Physical and Emotional Injuries Caused by an Automobile Accident

Personal injury Lawyer Lou Benassi and co-counsel represented a minor who was a passenger in an automobile being driven by her mother that was struck head-on by a construction deliver... Read More

Huffhines VS City of Peoria

Women Settle for $3 Million and Beneficial Changes for Female Employees

Huffhines, et al. v. City of Peoria , et. al., Federal District Court No. 93-3162. Patricia Benassi was lead Plaintiffs' counsel in a 50-plaintiff sex discrimination and First Amendment case allegin... Read More